RYAH develops innovative IoT products that capture powerful data insights.

We then leverage our Artificial Intelligence platform to aggregate and correlate HIPAA-compliant dosing data from seed to consumption. This gives us the ability to conduct predictive analyses to help doctors, researchers, and end-users create personalized dosing regimens that can accurately foresee patient outcomes.

Our Mission

We are a pioneering IoT device and digital care platform whose mission is to capture complex data points to better enable doctors, clinics, and end users to create highly personalized dosing regimens.

Our Goals

Our goal is to transform patient care through big data and AI to unearth breakthrough discoveries that will reshape our understanding of plant-based medicines.

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Our Products

RYAH’s easy-to-operate line of products help foster a seamless dose-control experience that generates insightful data, making it simple for doctors, researchers, and end users to hone in on the ideal settings for the best possible treatment outcomes.

Smart Patch

The wireless, compact RYAH Smart Patch enables users to instantly “boost” their patch for on-demand dose control.

Smart Inhaler

The first dry herb inhaler with real-time dose management capabilities, precise one-degree temperature interval control, and in depth session reviews via the companion mobile app.

Smart PEN

A dose-controlled liquid dispenser for those who prefer an oral consumption alternative for plant-based medicine.

MD Platform

A cutting-edge platform for doctors to directly recommend and oversee the dosing protocol of their patients who own a RYAH smart device.