Best-rated medical cannabis app in the US.
By combining peer-reviewed and HIPAA-compliant data, PotBot knows the right cannabinoid levels and custom strains for each medical cannabis patient. This personalized and data-driven approach informs them of the products that will soothe their specific ailments
The process
How it works
PotBot helps patients in two easy steps
Not like other apps
Cannabinoid-based Recommendations
Most educational platforms recommend strain names without an understanding of who the patient is. PotBot provides personalized information that includes the ideal cannabinoid percentage a strain should have according to a patient's condition and tolerance towards cannabis
PotBot App features
Our proprietary method creates the largest knowledge graph in the medical cannabis industry
Everything on PotBot is anonymous and HIPAA-compliant
Considering each patient’s individual needs makes for better treatment, from diagnosis to dosage
Dispensaries can implement in-app customized solutions with their own branding
What it does
Looking for doctors
Finds nearby doctors who are registered practitioners for medical cannabis
Analyzes database
Correlates information on the largest medical cannabis database
Determines what is needed
Recommends ideal cannabinoid profiles for treating specific ailments
Select locations
Highlights nearby locations stocking these recommendations
Heard through the hempvine
Editorial reviews, news, and interviews
Use for research and analytics on medical cannabis
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We would be happy to talk to you, answer your questions, and discuss your ideas
We would be happy to talk to you, answer your questions, and discuss your ideas

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