RYAH Smart Inhaler

The RYAH Smart Inhaler’s volumetric airflow sensor gives you the ability to track and control how much you inhale, ensuring consistent and predictable results.

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You’re In Control
Our dose-measuring, dry herb Inhaler gives you control over each aspect of every session. Control your temperature, set your dose, and record how you feel to easily find what works best for you.
Airflow Sensor = Accurate Dosing
The volumetric airflow sensor precisely measures how much you are inhaling to help replicate the perfect session and prevent overconsumption in the future.
Diffused Mouthpiece
With its extended vapor pathway, the inhaler’s mouthpiece ensures a pleasant draw at high temperatures.
Cylindrical Heating Chamber
The cylindrical heating chamber maximizes the heating surface area to evenly bake the contents of each cartridge at precise temperatures, ensuring that nothing is ever wasted or burned.

Smart Inhaler App

Precise Dose Management
Set limits on how much you want to inhale, and track your usage in real time for more predictable and replicable results.
Individual Temperature Control
Fine-tune your preferences to create the perfect experience with one degree temperature interval control.
Insightful Session Reviews
Intuitive session journaling is built directly into the app so that you can easily record how you feel after each session.
Personalized Statistics
Learn what temperature, dose, and cartridges work best for you by viewing your personal RYAH statistics.
Customizable Presets
Personalize the RYAH Smart Inhaler experience by creating temperature and dose presets that are customized to your needs.

How It Works


Open the RYAH Health app on your mobile device


Scan QR code on the capsule


Insert the cartridge into RYAH Inhaler


Set your temperature and dose


Begin your session


Record the effects you experienced during the session


Review statistics to optimize your dosing regimen

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Stainless Steel QR Cartridges

The RYAH Inhaler’s QR cartridges are packed with 500mg of dry herb, packed and sealed by trusted suppliers. Each cartridge is individually labeled with a unique QR code for advanced session tracking and journaling. Sealed shut in 304 grade stainless steel cartridges and packed in child-resistant tubes, RYAH Inhaler cartridges are also designed to prevent illicit product use and ensure safety.

Are you intrigued by the RYAH Smart Inhaler and its smart capabilities?