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RYAH’s state-of-the-art IoT product suite fuses together medicine and data technology using machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide users with plant-based treatments tailored to their needs and experiences.
Our cutting-edge IoT products and multiple points of collection from dosing to side effects are highly sought after. We are open to partnering with doctors, researchers, product suppliers, or investors. Reach out and we’d be happy to schedule a call.

RYAH MedTech (RMT)

Company Overview

RYAH utilizes its ecosystem of smart devices powered by AI to leverage data to create safe and controllable dosing experiences while providing comfortable use. Through our role as a data and technology company, we are also on track to cover the range of devices necessary for all consumers’ needs and preferences, as well as industry requirements.

RYAH holds several honours and recognitions including the following:

Rich Data Analysis

Data is the fundamental pillar of science and technology. RYAH is able to capture seed-to-consumption data of different plant-based medicinal formulations through its IoT product ecosystem. As a result, RYAH can understand the roles of formulations and dosing in treatment, using quantitative data and qualitative feedback.

Artificial Intelligence

Each smart product pairs with its corresponding app to paint a clearer, more concise health profile of you. By utilizing your feedback from each session and your dosage data, artificial intelligence works to create meaning from complex relationships. Such data enables RYAH to anonymize the data flow, while automating the workflow.

Target Market

By working with multiple players in the ecosystem, RYAH empowers multiple stages in the cycle of plant-based treatment and provides the necessary tools for researchers to improve their trials, and for producers to improve the quality of their formulations.


Exploring new treatments utilizing RYAH devices and technology

Clinical Trials

Testing, validating and formalizing treatment effects using all-encompassing data

Dispensaries & Growers

Filling cartridges and selling devices to patients


Interacting with RYAH products and logging their experiences



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