September 18, 2020: RYAH Signs Merger Agreement for Previously Announced Proposed Reverse Takeover

May 11, 2020: RYAH & Green Revolution Launch Innovative Plant-based Treatment Experience in Washington

February 24, 2020: RYAH Re-Imagines Plant-Based Treatment With Transdermal ‘Smart-Patch’

October 29, 2019: RYAH Medtech, Inc. Signs Major Purchase Order with International Partner

June 17, 2019: RYAH Medtech Inc. enters Canadian market, signs with Northern Green Canada Inc.

August 26, 2020: RYAH Medtech Inc. And ARGOS-Applied Intelligence Sign MOU to Advance Data Analytics

April 17, 2020: RYAH and Northern Green Canada Announce Strategic Agreement in Europe

January 6, 2020: RYAH Announces Filing of Listing Statement with the Canadian Securities Exchange

October 3, 2019: RYAH Medtech Inc. Enters Australian Market, Signs Distribution Agreement with Cannatrek

June 5, 2019: RYAH Medtech Inc. Receives Health Canada Medical Establishment License (MDEL)

June 9, 2020: RYAH and Cannatrek Make Dose-Measuring Inhaler Available in Australia

March 09, 2020: RYAH Announces Strategic Agreement in France with DelleD

December 5, 2019: RYAH Dry-Herb Inhaler Passes Major Safety Test Milestone IEC 60601

July 31, 2019: RYAH Group Granted Patent to use Artificial Intelligence for Medical Cannabis Big Data Processing