Want To Partner Up?

RYAH is rapidly expanding and actively looking to partner with doctors, researchers, product suppliers, and retailers. We want to improve workflow, increase industry expertise and expand our corporate network. We are open to speaking with doctors, researchers and product suppliers. Let’s work together to take data-driven technology and plant-based medicine global!

Our Partners

RYAH aims to maintain a low entry barrier for dispensaries and smaller partners. With medical technology as an industry, establishing partnerships require long processes. However, we strive to remove any unnecessary obstacles to provide our partners with revenue and regular customers.

If you have a product formulation that would be a good fit with RYAH’s product ecosystem, let us know! By partnering with us, you get access to valuable consumption and feedback analytics from consumers who use your product.

Want to offer your customers RYAH’s suite of dose-control products? Send us a message and find out how you can strengthen your product offering and generate a recurring revenue stream by partnering with us.

If you’re looking for a full turnkey solution to get your trial up and running, our dose-control devices can be used to standardize the dosing protocol, our QR products ensure compliance, and our mobile applications collect the data needed to validate your results!

We want to help doctors improve the standard of care afforded to patients. If you are interested in utilizing our dose-control products or our RYAH MD platform please send us a note and we’ll promptly respond.

If you are excited by our vision and are interested in investing, send us a message and our investor relations team will follow up with you.   VIEW INVESTOR PRESENTATION

Let us know how you’d like to work with us!