Smart Product Suite

The RYAH Smart Patch, Inhaler, and Pen are three novel, dose-control delivery mechanisms that each collect anonymous data from seed to consumption to help personalize relief and optimize outcomes.

The RYAH IoT Ecosystem

RYAH utilizes a three-part Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem to control the dosing experience and capture groundbreaking data. Each segment of the ecosystem is critical to facilitating a controlled experience which then generates the necessary data to uncover breakthroughs in plant-based medicine to optimize relief.

1Dose-Control Devices

The RYAH Patch, Inhaler, and Liquid Dispenser provide innovative dose-control solutions for different forms of plant-based medicine.

2QR Labeled Products

QR product tracking lets consumers track each product formulation they use and learn what dosing parameters work best for each product.

3Mobile App

RYAH’s mobile apps give consumers an easy way to control their dosing regimen via their smart devices and rate the effects of each session.

A lightweight, mobile-controlled smart patch that can be boosted for on-demand dose control.

A dry herb inhaler with an integrated volumetric airflow sensor that enables consumers to track and control exactly how much they inhale.

A multi-liquid chamber pen that precisely dispenses up to three different formulations at once for a dose-controlled entourage effect.

RYAH MD is a platform for doctors to remotely monitor and control their patients’ dosing regimen with RYAH’s suite of dose-measuring products.

Built for end users, doctors, and researchers

Using past session data coupled with information about the user’s demographic health profile, RYAH will recommend accurate doses tailored to their needs.

In utilizing RYAH MD, doctors can get a more well-rounded profile of their patients, filled with data around their past health experiences and session data. With such, they can provide more meaningful medical advice, backed by data.

With the data that RYAH gathers from each smart device, it can then be aggregated in a way that provides the most meaning. For research especially, the data can be used to study the relationships between different variables in plant-based medicine.

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