RYAH MD is a platform for doctors to remotely monitor and control their patients’ dosing regimen with RYAH’s suite of dose-measuring products.

The Perfect Learning Tool For Physicians

Data gathered from RYAH MD builds a foundation for doctors to observe how patients respond to plant-based therapy. Doctors can analyze their patients’ data to learn how different dosing variables affect patient outcomes.

Empowering Doctors with a Higher Standard of Care For Patients

With RYAH MD, doctors can remotely set the recommended dosing protocol for each of their patients and monitor their well-being by staying up to date on their session review feedback.

How It Works


Users link their RYAH mobile app with their verified RYAH MD doctor by scanning their RYAH MD QR code, and voluntarily consent to share their dosing history and session feedback with them.


Once the doctor has connected with their patient, they recommend a specific dosing protocol that can be automatically uploaded and applied to their patient’s user profile.


Patients can then automatically use their RYAH Smart device with the exact, doctor recommended parameters rather than experimenting on their own.


Patients then automatically use their RYAH Smart device with the exact doctor-recommended parameters.


After completing a session, patients can submit a session review via their RYAH app to record how they feel, which the RYAH MD doctor can monitor in real-time.


If necessary, the RYAH MD doctor can upload a new dosing protocol. Such will be automatically applied to their patient’s profile.

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