Cloud data
The first HIPAA-compliant storing location for ailment relief data
Ryah Cloud aggregates data gathered by the RYAH product ecosystem. A HIPAA-compliant database coupled with artificial intelligence.
Cloud stored data is correlated with peer-reviewed studies on therapeutic plants from across the world, creating valuable insights that can help the industry flourish. These results can shed light on fundamental questions about the future of these treatments
Artificial Intelligence
Graph reasoning technology
Ryah Medtech has developed a robust artificial intelligence engine focused around a technology called Graph Reasoning. It is designed to analyze and understand complex relationships found between peer-reviewed research, consumer feedback, and therapeutic plants
Our methods
The largest knowledge graph
Our proprietary method creates the largest knowledge graph in the therapeutic plant industry
Correlated peer reviewed studies from across the globe
Lab research of therapeutic plant data
Patient demographics, medical indications, and consumption habits
NLP/Data Pipeline
Valuable data from medical and clinical sources
The Ryah Medtech Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a tool for extracting valuable data from medical and clinical sources in order to make the data ready for analysis. With an intuitive user interface, it makes data exploration easy without limiting the possibilities of deeper analysis.
Internet of Things
RYAH IoT device
RYAH Vaporizer is an IoT smart device that measures and controls its own vapor production for accurate temperature and dosage. It is accompanied by a user-friendly smartphone application that lets users keep track of how much they inhale, save temperature and dose presets, and keep a log of how they feel after each session.
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We would be happy to talk to you, answer your questions, and discuss your ideas
We would be happy to talk to you, answer your questions, and discuss your ideas

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