About us
Our mission
RYAH MedTech is dedicated to creating
dose-measuring, plant-based delivery methods
that capture consumption data needed to unearth breakthrough discoveries capable of advancing
the validity of our industry, and provide researchers
with the tools needed to develop new, life-altering therapies that would have otherwise gone undiscovered
A data-driven approach to relief
RYAH implements the latest advances in cloud infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of things.
Cloud data
The Ryah Cloud aggregates and correlates all of the data gathered by the RYAH product ecosystem
Artificial Intelligence
Our artificial intelligence engine analyzes correlations to understand the complex relationships in data
Internet of things
RYAH Vaporizer is an IoT smart device that measures and controls its own vapor production
Our products
A market-leading ecosystem of dose-measuring technologies
Innovative IoT products designed to aid doctors, patients, growers, and researchers in the treatment of plant-based medicine
RYAH products
The RYAH Vaporizer, Patch, and Pen are three novel, dose-measuring delivery mechanisms that offer various administration routes for plant-based medicine.
Each product collects data from seed to consumption which can be analyzed in the Cloud to better understand how various factors play a role in affecting patient outcomes.
PotBot App
The PotBot App is a unique medical cannabis recommendation engine that educates consumers about the science behind cannabinoids and can guide patients to a strain with a specific cannabinoid profile best suited for their needs. The desktop and mobile app takes into consideration a patient’s tolerance towards cannabis as well as their desired symptom relief to make a more educated recommendation than traditional strain recommendation platforms.
Giving Doctors Confidence To Recommend Plant-Based Medicine
RYAH MD empowers doctors with the tools to confidently recommend a plant-based dosing regimen with their patients. Physicians can browse clinical research for specific medical conditions and maintain patient data in a HIPAA-compliant manner, ensuring patients get the highest level of care possible.
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Let’s talk partnership
At Ryah, we are always open to new partnerships in medical cannabis. We are here to collaborate.