The leader in dose-control technology for plant-based medicine.

Cutting edge tech designed to generate powerful analytics.

Each smart device pairs with a companion app to create a personalized dosing experience.

Data-Driven Approach

Our smart devices combine dosing data with lab test information and consumer feedback to create a highly personalized experience that helps optimize itself.

Dose-Control Technology

RYAH empowers users through its seamless management of their dosing regimen with plant-based medicine. As a result, users can expect far more reliable results and an ever-improving experience.

Privacy Is Our Priority

We have worked diligently to keep your data anonymous while utilizing it to provide you with specialized recommendations to optimize your dosing experience.

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Our Products

RYAH’s easy-to-operate, portable devices provide countless advantages for you and your medical network. Our innovative technology aggregates session data, leaving you with more in-depth information about your dosing regimen and health needs. The data we gather opens new possibilities to obtain knowledge within the health industry.

Lightweight, mobile-controlled smart patch that can be boosted for on-demand dose control.

Dry herb inhaler with an integrated volumetric airflow sensor that enables consumers to easily track and control how much they inhale.

Multi-liquid chamber pen that accurately dispenses up to three different formulations at once for a dose-controlled entourage effect. 

Cutting-edge software suite for medical professionals looking to improve the way they monitor and control their patients’ dosing regimen using RYAH’s smart products.

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Rich Analytical Reports

By leveraging our robust artificial intelligence platform which aggregates and correlates HIPAA-compliant dosing data from seed to consumption, RYAH generates in-depth analytical reports that can help identify trends and inform the medical community of how dosing is affecting consumer outcomes.

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